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Easiest, fastest and cost effective way to fully automate your business

We bring you innovative solutions that will be game changing for your business. Giving you competitive advantage and operational efficiency. 

Teemex is hosted on AWS and deploys Oracle technology. It can be accessed from any location with internet connectivity, including from mobile devices.

Harnessing the technology prowess of 
Multiple Benefits
End To End Functionality
Easy To Use Modern Design
Backend Fully Integrated Webshop
Comprehensive Dashboard
EDI Stocks, Pricing And Transactions With Suppliers
Self Manage Customer Portal
A CRM That Drives Your Sales Team 
Microsoft 365 Email Integration
How Do We Compare?

End To End Automation

Teemex is a fully functional business system with integrated modules of customer relationship management, sales, warehousing, purchasing, inventory, finance, delivery, returns, webshop & customer portal. Your business could be operated with minimum resources.

Fully Managed

Teemex is a fully managed software service with maintenance and support. We manage the complexity of technology and give your staff more time to build the business.

Advanced Technology

Cloud technology enables operation over the internet, at anytime and from anywhere. Just need to login using a browser. It supports working from home. Customer orders can be taken from the webshop. Field sales teams can use the system on the go.


Cost Effective and Fixed Cost

Compared to similar systems, Teemex is very reasonably priced and highly affordable to small and medium businesses. It is an off-the-shelf product that can be used without implementation and charges. No requirement for local servers, server licensing, backups, database licenses, server maintenance, IT resources and expensive upgrades. We host, manage and support the system for a fixed monthly fee without hidden charges.


Electronic Data Interchange Facility

EDI supported suppliers' stock levels & pricing can be accessed online & is shown in webshop, quotations, sales orders and purchase orders. Purchase orders are sent & supplier invoices received electronically. No manual input required.

Virtual Business Model

Teemex let you model your business as a virtual business. Orders taken through webshop, order routed as drop ship/direct deliveries to customers directly. It will all happens in the internet space.


VAT Digital

Teemex is recognised by HMRC for digital VAT submissions. 


Fully Integrated Webshop

Single point item catalogue and pricing update for both webshop and backend ERP. 



In its latest push to help SMB partners streamline their daily operations, Synaxon UK is teaming up with automation specialist Teemex to integrate the firm’s cloud ERP solution with its EGIS stock, pricing and ordering aggregation platform.

Teemex's Cloud ERP offering is specifically designed for use in the hi-tech distribution and retail sector, the channel services group said.

According to Mike Barron, managing director of Synaxon UK, the solution is ideal for Synaxon UK members.

“We are genuinely excited about this partnership and the benefits it will bring to our MSP, reseller and retailer partners in both the IT and office products sectors,” he said. “It brings all day-to-day operations together in one place under a single dashboard view, and it can be used remotely on any device from anywhere. It’s a perfect fit for MSPs and hybrid working and will put smaller partners on a level playing field with their bigger competitors.”

Full EDI integration with Synaxon EGIS means that data can be moved across the platforms easily, allowing partners to take advantage of the full capabilities of both services. 

With the addition of Teemex, Synaxon’s EGIS procurement platform boasts more than 40 distributors, the firm said. 

“Teemex Cloud ERP has been specifically designed for the kinds of business that Synaxon UK supports, and we see this as a perfect alliance,” added Rajindra Ranaweera, director of Teemex. “Synaxon UK has established and trusted relationships in the channel community [and] by working together, we can help MSPs, resellers and retailers streamline their operations and gain real competitive advantage.”

The offering is now available for MSP, reseller and retailer partners to deploy.

How does Synaxon EGIS works hand in glove with TEEMEX?


Ordr Tracking

Hotel Reservation & Invoicing




We are a dedicated team of professionals and engineers with over 20 years of experience in information technology. We provide great technology to our customers so that they can be leaders in their sectors.

We have been working with enterprise-level businesses for over a decade. This experience helped us become intimately familiar with the challenges, successes, and operations of enterprise businesses. 

Many of these enterprises were stringing together systems for inventory, accounting, and ecommerce that created cumbersome and complicated systems that were prone to failure and expensive to maintain.

Wanting to help, we entered the market with eyes wide open to discover seamless ecommerce and backend platforms which is easy and cost effective for enterprise level ecommerce businesses.

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